Two Clouds LLC - HVACR software developer

Two Clouds LLC is a software programs developer in the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The company was founded in 2012 and for 7 years has developed software products for calculating and designing HVACR equipment for lead equipment manufacturers in Russia and the CIS. Also, our software allows to design the building's HVAC Systems and to do aerodynamic and hydraulic calculations.

For HVACR AutoCAD Designers

Design in the Two Clouds Service and calculate air ventilation systems, particularly, smoke removal and air overpressure systems, heating, VRF air conditioning, and chiller fancoil systems. To start working with the project, import the architectural background into the Two Clouds Service in DWG or DXF formats or raster JPG or PNG formats. Calculate in the Two Clouds Service and immediately insert HVAC equipment from leading manufacturers into the project. Instantly export designed HVACR systems plans, systems axonometric, equipment specifications, and other data into AutoCAD.

For HVACR Revit Designers

Use the Two Clouds plugin for Revit to calculate air ventilation systems, particularly, smoke removal and air overpressure systems, heating systems, VRF air conditioning systems, and chiller fancoil systems. Calculate in the plugin the HVACR equipment from the lead manufacturers and export into the project the generated families as a result of the calculation. The plugin calculates the diameters of air ducts and pipelines, taking into account local resistances on all network elements, automatically selects the dimensions of the valves and sets them up.

For equipment manufacturers

Design and select modular AHUs, terminal units, industrial fans, air dampers, air grilles, air diffusers, chiller-fancoil air conditioning systems, VRF-systems, copper-aluminum coils. Export technical data and commercial offers in PDF and XLS formats, connect our system with your ERP systems to bill customers quickly and easily. Increase your sales and your brand recognition by adding your equipment to the web-based programs for HVACR designers described above.